Advertise on our Website and Applications
There are four basic ways to advertise through our website and mobile applications, and both will expose your brand or your name to a large group of patients and to key medical services providers, to enhance awareness of you or your products and services. Have a look at the pricing table below.
Website Internal Pages
$750 /Month
  • Dimensions : 6-inch x 1

  • Corporate Sponsor : $250 /Month

  • 3 Months = $750 (10% Off)

  • 6 Months = $1,200 (20% Off)

  • 1 Year = $2,100 (30% Off)

Website Home Page
$1250 /Month
  • Dimensions : 6-inch x 1

  • Corporate Sponsor : $750 /Month

  • 3 Months = $2,025 (10% Off)

  • 6 Months = $3,600 (20% Off)

  • 1 Year = $6,300 (30% Off)

Create a Page
$2,000 /Month
  • Full Web Page

  • Corporate Sponsor : $1,000 /Month

  • 3 Months = $5,400 (10% Off)

  • 6 Months = $9,600 (20% Off)

  • 1 Year = $16,800 (30% Off)

Mobile Application
$200 /Month
  • Dimensions : 2-inch x 0.5

  • Corporate Sponsor : $100 /Month

  • 3 Months = $540 (10% Off)

  • 6 Months = $960 (20% Off)

  • 1 Year = $1680 (30% Off)

Advertise Terms & Conditions

  1. Material requirements: All corporate logos & artwork to be supplied by the client. Any additional or required banner. Design will be billed at $20 per hour or commit to additional one-tine $500 fee to create the ad for the web page or a blog advertisement. Artwork can be provided in formats: GIF, JPEG, PDF, Photoshop, Bitmap or as a vector image. It can also be provided in Microsoft Word format though this is not preferred.
  2. DOC reserves the right to approve the artwork provided prior to commencement of campaign.
  3. Where banners, text or any advertisements are made up by DOC, it is the responsibility of the client to check and sign the proof copy of their page. No responsibility accepted for mistakes on a signed copy.
  4. DOC is entitled to withhold any entry from publication and to cancel any entry that has been accepted, if, in the opinion of the publisher, such entries may be deemed unsuitable to the overall character of the publication.In such event, a full refund of monies, excluding costs incurred up to the point of cancellation, will be paid to the client. The client shall have no other claim against DOC whatsoever
  5. DOC reserves the right to edit any entry deemed by them to be untruthful or objectionable in subject matter, or unsuitably worded, or for any other reason. In such case, the matter will be discussed with the client prior to publication.
  6. Any client placing any entry indemnifies DOC against any liability in respect of damages, costs or otherwise that it may incur as a result of the publication of that entry.
  7. All accounts are payable in full, on invoice, in advance of all advertising.
  8. The client shall be responsible for, and hereby undertakes, to pay DOC all expenses which it may incur arising out of the client’s default including all costs of tracing the client, collecting commission and all legal costs as between attorney and client.
  9. No variation of this contract shall be effective unless it is recorded in writing and signed by both parties and such variation must reach the publishers prior to publication date.
  10.  The parties hereto consent to the jurisdiction of the Egyptian Court, for the purpose of any dispute arising here from.

Cancellation Policy
Any advertiser or its advertising agency may not cancel advertising after Insertion Order has been confirmed, within 10 days of the initial 30 day period and within 10 days of any 30-day period of the agreed term thereafter. Cancellations prior to the agreed insertion date must be in writing. Verbal (including telephonic) cancellations will not be accepted. If the advertiser cancels any booking, they relinquish any right to that option or discount (if any) to which they were previously entitled and advertisements will be paid for at the appropriate rate. A new invoice will be issued for any surcharges relating to advertisements that have already been invoiced at the discount rate. The payment date for any previous invoices, however, remain unaffected.


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