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DOC offers you an integrated medical service to improve your health by many convenient ways.
DOC services created professionally to cover all your medical needs through many variable options to choose freely your suitable service.

Home visits


In the past, doctor’s clinic was not an option, as patients used to call their doctors to examine them in their homes and only a few cases were later advised to go to hospitals where it requires some advanced medical care and equipment that's not present in the patient's home.

Actually 90% of medical cases have no need to visit hospitals and can be treated successfully at home or at doctor clinic.

Practically no major differences have been observed in medical examinations between patient’s home and doctor’s clinic as both of them are not fully medically equipped excluding dentist and oculist clinics.

Sometimes there are many difficulties in going to a doctor's clinic especially for pediatrics, geriatric and psychiatric patients.

Therefore DOC offers you the home visit service enabling you to make your needed medical examination at home avoiding hustle of waiting and long distances to reach your doctor's clinic.

With DOC home visits, no more waiting for getting immediate medical care and examination at home, as DOC allows you to search and order nearby doctors anywhere & anytime, saving your life.

With home visits service Doctors will be as your neighbors.

Just open your phone DOC application and GPS and choose online nearby doctor easily for immediate and rapid medical help.


One of the commonly used medical services is to seek for a second opinion. And in most common medical cases, there is no need for a one to one meeting with a doctor. This is why it is critical to consult a doctor before taking further actions.

With DOC consultation, your medical consultations has never been that easy before.

Now you can follow-up with your doctor and discuss with him your laboratory Tests, X-ray copies, drug course and all information needed, with accurate and immediate response instead of usual clinic and hospital's long waiting.

Open Doc and choose your doctor from anywhere worldwide and consult him freely about your case with the possibility of sharing photos of the case or X-rays or lab. tests or previous prescriptions and you can also send him an audio message describing your medical case well.

Your doctor response has 2 levels of getting your answer, first will be received rapidly during 2 hours of your consult, second you will receive your answer within 24 hours.

You can also send your consultation to your doctor when he is offline, and he will get back to you as soon as he is on line.


Voice calls


Using only the internet connection, you will be able to talk to a doctor of your choice. Which gives you a vast variety of doctors who is online to talk too.

Through DOC application you can call your doctor any time for any medical queries and advices through voice conversations explaining your case well.

DOC voice calls enables you to contact any of our certified doctors team worldwide when you can’t go to his private clinic nor asking him for home visit.

DOC voice calls are highly monitored by our technical and medical support team to ensure that you receive your desired and valuable response for your query.

DOC voice calls are highly time controlled to save your time and get your wanted and desired service rapidly.

You will also be prompted if either your internet service speed or the doctor’s you are trying to reach to is too slow to have a good quality conversation, which will guarantee the high quality service you seek using our applications.

If the internet connection speed is bad and you wish to proceed with your call, you can do that, but it would be on your own risk. We are seeking to give our customers the ultimate experience there.

Video calls

You may wonder: Can a doctor really treat me without direct contact?

The answer: Absolutely!  The physicians at DOC are more experience and professional enough to treat their patients quickly and effectively through a Video call only in many cases.

Doc video call allows you to video consult our Doctors anytime-anywhere.

With video call, our Doctors can look, listen, examine and engage with you to diagnose your issues and provide an effective treatment plan.

Many of the most common illnesses can actually be treated via video consultation. Our Doctors can even electronically send your prescription (Rx) to our pharmacy partners, and have your medication delivered right to your doorstep.

DOC video call acts as a complete medical examination online at home with availability of all needed examination’s processes.

If your Doctor recommend you to see a physician in person, you can easily request a Doctor to your doorstep using Doc home visit service.

Considering our video call service is more likely to assure a great experience diagnosing your medical case. It would also make you feel more comfortable seeing your doctor on your screen, which can result a more accurate diagnosis.


Chat (Online Diagnosis)


Our Live Chat service lets you chat with our highly certified Doctors anytime, anywhere.

We understand that sometimes you need answers to your specific health queries.

There is also an option to upload photos to enable our healthcare professionals to understand your medical conditions better

This service gives you an advanced screening process to determine the severity of your condition.

We know that you may search for answers on Google, but now you can ask our healthcare professionals any medical questions with low fees.

Just open DOC and choose your Doctor and start online chat with him and ask for medical advices, instant prescription and more.

Through DOC chat you can upload medical reports, condition's images and also record a voice message to explain your case well.

If the condition is serious, you can ask your doctor for immediate home visit.

Offline chat also available, when your doctor can review your case as soon as he returns online with lower charges.


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